Does Creditor Score use user reviews or social media to rate lenders?

Creditor Score has its own people rate the lenders in a professional, consistent manner, kind of like what Consumer Reports does, but for lenders' trustworthiness rather than product capabilities. There are lots of sites out there that allow people to post reviews about companies, like and While these types of sites provide a valuable consumer service, there are two major problems with these sites

  1. No one actually verifies that the review are legitimate. Not only do individual engage in reviews of questionable integrity, but also corporations have been caught paying for false reviews against their competitors.
  2. The scoring is highly subjective and inconsistent…i.e someone can post a 1-star review because a bank teller didn’t smile broadly enough while another person may give a 5-star rating to a credit card company that apologized for a mistake that caused the person’s credit score to drop by 50 points.

Creditor Score does take into account news related to the lenders we score in our ratings. But, we focus no news coming from reputable sources which follow good journalistic practices and verify facts.

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